Biodegradable Plastic Additives

Product NameBiodegradable Plastic Additives

Other NamesBDPA


Applicable productsMelamine tableware, All kinds of foam products, All kinds of blister plastic film products, All kinds of plastic injection products, All kinds of film products, Various biodegradable shopping bags, plastic bags products

NoteUsed immediately after opening, avoiding damp.

Product seriesBDPAA1BDPAM1
AppearanceGray-white granularWhite powder
ApplicationsSuitable for thermoplasticsSuitable for thermosetting plastics
StandardIt meets the IDT ISO-14855 specification
Applicable materials

Suitable for products based on PP, PE, PS, ABS, TPR, TPU, EVA, etc., as well as other types of thermoplastics.

(also can be mixed with recycled materials)

Melamine tableware and others (PF, UF, MF, EP, UP, PU, Silicone resin…etc.)
Time required for plastic waste degradationPlastic products made by adding this product, after being buried for about one year, will be fully-degradable.

1. This material complies with the RoHs norms and passes the SGS inspection.

2. No impact on the original characteristics of the plastics.

3. No change of operation procedure and working machine is required when using these additives.

4. All kinds of plastic products made by adding this product will not produce toxic gas while burned.

RemarksNoneA melamine tableware made by adding this product meets the food-contact material test specifications in Europe, USA, Japan and other places.

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